Leadership and Career Coaching

Coaching for Success

Let us work with you to customize a program specific to your needs.  The chart indicates how Kurru addresses typical business issues to achieve business benefits:

Business Issue Business Benefits
Leaders need preparation for new environment - Leaders equipped for new demands of 21st century
For corporate client, to assist displaced workers to re-orient their careers - Displaced workers receive practical career assistance
  - Remaining employees feel displaced have been workers treated fairly
For individual client, to gain employment quickly - Displaced workers receive practical career assistance

Leadership Coaching

Kurru will work with you to develop a customized program to develop your talented leaders, and to ensure the effectiveness of your new, streamlined organization.  Services may include:

  • Coaching leaders to understand the changes taking place in the new economy
  • Working with leaders to develop new attitudes and behaviors to equip them to lead in the new environment
  • Using WORK21 to understand the extent of change taking place, and to set the scene for a business transformation process.
  • Adjusting corporate strategic direction in light of these new realities.
  • Using our unique and innovative Talent & Success Leadership process to help identify success dimensions needed for customer value creation and business success.

Career Coaching

Services for individual clients will be tailored to include:

  • Understanding Yourself – understanding the hidden reactions to job loss, and taking stock of your strengths and interests to bring value to the new employer.
  • Marketing Yourself – determining clear career targets, both short term and long term, and developing a self-marketing plan for an efficient job search campaign.
  • Resume Preparation – preparing a resume focused specifically on the job targets you are seeking.
  • Ongoing Employability – using our unique WORK21 software to profile the ongoing viability of targeted job role.
  • Market Knowledge – understanding how to find openings, keep abreast of hiring trends and network effectively.
  • Interview Preparation – developing interview strategies and behaviors, and role-playing interviews.
  • Compensation – negotiating a win-win package of salary and benefits.







Services for corporate clients will be tailored to include:

  • Assisting the “survivors” to understand and align with the new strategic direction, and coaching them be effective and productive.
  • Redesigning the organization structure.
  • Reshaping the job roles in the new structure, using market leading CLASSIFY system to modify job grading and compensation to minimize waste pay.

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