Talent & Success Leadership

A Foundation for New Leadership

Technology and globalization are transforming the world, and success now depends on fast, fluid operations.  Businesses can no longer afford to take incremental steps towards a future that requires “long leaps”.  Success Leadership establishes and reinforces an open, forward-looking culture that talented people want to belong to, one focused on a clear view of business success.  The chart identifies how Kurru addresses typical business issues to achieve business benefits:


Business Issue Business Benefit
Focus business on core activities - Distinguish work critical to business success from non-core work
Establish requirements for business success - Business is future-focused not stuck in past
Align talent with success - Identify capacity of each person to contribute to success
  - Track contribution to success

Setting the Scene for Transformation

WORK21 provides explanatory and facilitation materials that help people to comprehend the strategic issues involved in work and careers in the 21st century.  WORK21 is a fast and practical measurement tool, which consists of a methodology to quickly and reliably categorize the viability of work, as well as software to measure its impact on a 21-step scale.

WORK21 is designed to underpin a transformation process, by enabling the leaders in the business to distinguish work, which is critical to business success, from work that is not core and should be outsourced or automated.  WORK21 provides individuals with a clear view of the need to move into viable fields of work, by shaping their learning and development to build knowledge and capabilities that will enable them to contribute to business success.

The leaders of the business can use WORK21 to measure where the work in the organization is clustered, to pinpoint the current competitiveness of the business.  By repeating this analysis over time, they can assess the effectiveness of their transformation efforts and, in turn, chart progress towards success.

Leading Success

SUCCESS21 builds on the WORK21 analysis, by providing the new alignment frameworks, essential to success building and talent leadership in the hyperknowledge age.  Because increasingly affluent consumers have a growing freedom to choose products and services across a global economy, SUCCESS21 emphasizes creation of unique competitive advantage and customer preference, through the development of a Success Wheel (see diagram below) unique to the organization.

This screen shows the data edit panel (left) and the success dimensions panel (right).The Success Wheel has 8 success dimensions for customer value related success and 2 other dimensions for support.This dynamically updated panel is the key to this 21st century methodology for measuring each person's capacity to contribute to success.Both individual employees and leaders can use TALENT21 to monitor progress and ensure that value building capacities are being maintained, or are growing

Beyond Competencies

TALENT21 measures the capacities of individuals to contribute to the success dimensions defined using SUCCESS21.  This methodology and software enables success alignment to be carried through to the person and project team levels of an enterprise.

TALENT21 is not a competencies based system.  It is higher level and far more success aligned than traditional competencies approaches, as it focuses on an individual's talents and abilities in a holistic manner, compared with competencies drawn from structured jobs.

TALENT21 is a talent leadership system, not a knowledge management system.  Empowered individuals and their leaders can use TALENT21 to track progress against success dimensions, as well as growth of value building capacities.  Functions, such as graphing of success capacity against compensation, are built into the TALENT21 software, enabling leaders to relate the collective value of success capacity for a business unit to the compensation cost involved.

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