Classification and Compensation Systems

Addressing Today’s Compensation Issues

Modern compensation management systems require an easy and demonstrably consistent methodology, which can be applied openly, in processes that build trust and bolster a culture of competing and succeeding in global markets.  The CLASSIFY system is designed to meet these criteria, by providing true business benefits to address real business issues.

Business Issue

Business Benefits

Lack of internal pay equity

- Reduced turnover of talent

- Buy-in to compensation system

Need to control salary budget

- Minimize pockets of pay waste

- Improved skills for same pay

Unable to afford full featured HRIS

- HR database fully customized to needs of business without prohibitive price tag

Salary surveys expensive and unreliable – omit unusual jobs

- Pay based on balance between internal and external sources

- No slotting – all jobs considered

Salary and related costs are a major component of the overall expenditures of knowledge-centered businesses.  Yet, the inherent waste in most compensation structures is difficult to address.  Without a rock solid internal equity, it is too easy for too many managers to overlook the need to progressively address and rectify anomalies in compensation.\

Over-grading of positions can easily occur in businesses that do not have a structured basis for classifying jobs and rely on “benchmarking and slotting” of positions into the structure, imposing a heavy cost on the organization.

The power of CLASSIFY lies in its ability to reveal the actual job size and salary relativity patterns in a compensation structure.  Once it is practical to accurately model what is happening, it is possible to manage the compensation structure and progressively reduce inherent waste and unwarranted cost.  What distinguishes CLASSIFY from earlier systems is its ease of use, without any need for job descriptions, and its high consistency in the hands of ordinary people.  There is no need for continuing support by job evaluation specialists.  Anyone can use the method reliably and openly.

CLASSIFY is a modular system.  The core module includes the CLASSIFY methodology and software (specifically configured for each user in terms of size and structure), database capacity, reporting, graphing and analysis features in the software.  Other modules include:

  • Salary Review Module makes the laborious but sensitive task of calculating salary review increases easier and more streamlined for line managers.

  • Human Assets Information Module turns the entire system into a fully functional HRIS, with ability to calculate various compensation components.

  • AGRADE Module is used to size non-exempt and procedural roles.

  • WORK21 is a tool for profiling the work performed in the company, to determine its viability or vulnerability in the 21st Century.

The CLASSIFY system provides a sound foundation for the transition to the knowledge value age.  The cybereconomy is complex, fast moving and challenging.  It is fraught with risk, and also has great opportunity and rewards.  Our aim is to bring our clients vital insights, conceptual frameworks, and new tools and systems that will help them succeed and prosper in the 21st Century. Read More >

Proven Systems

CLASSIFY is robust and flexible, proven in more than 15 years of practical application across a range of industries and work cultures in more than 20 countries. META Group, a leading research and consulting firm, evaluated CLASSIFY and concluded: “Bottom line - the Classify system from Kurru/Reward appears to be the most advanced job evaluation software system on the market. There are not really other competitive offerings that can be used internally without consulting assistance. There are compensation planning tools … but they offer little or no job evaluation capability.”

Successful Implementation

Discovering the wisdom of a fully credible implementation process, and planning early, means your organization can use the CLASSIFY / AGRADE technology as it is designed to be used -- in a fast, open and credible manner. Then, eighty percent of the value comes from the process. Read more >

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