Kurru, LLC is accredited to market, deliver and support the CLASSIFY, AGRADE and WORK21 technologies and processes, as a member of the 1stForward Network, a global alliance of like-minded consultancies founded by Reward Technologies Pty Limited, which owns the technologies and methodologies.

Classification & Compensation Systems

Having a sound way of classifying various levels of positions in an organization is fundamental to sound compensation and other aspects of human resource management.  As the world moves from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Value Age, major mistakes are being perpetuated in traditional salary management systems.  There is an urgent need to establish current work value relativities and a valid foundation from which to implement modern rewards structures.  The CLASSIFY system is designed to meet this requirement. more >

Talent & Success Leadership

It used to be an advantage to be big.  Now success depends on being fast.  Traditional management principles no longer apply to business success.  Success Leadership is a suite of tools developed to assist companies to ensure there is clear alignment between their people and business success.  WORK21, SUCCESS21 and TALENT21, unique methodologies and related software systems, enable leaders to break out of conventional organization and compensation models, and align and reward talent within the success dimensions of their business. more >

Leadership & Career Coaching

For organizations to achieve success in today’s chaotic environment, it is vital that talented individuals achieve personal success.  Through Leadership Coaching, Kurru can help individuals develop the new attitudes and behaviors essential in the new business environment.  In order to achieve success, businesses sometimes need to alter the skill mix of their workforce, resulting in job losses.  By engaging Kurru to provide Career Coaching, the business can ensure job seekers receive practical assistance, at the same time sending a positive signal to its remaining employees that people are valued. more >


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