Rewarding People for Business Success

Kurru, LLC is focused on rewarding people for business success. Our systems and processes provide the tools for organizations to align and energize their people to achieve business and personal success.

Classification & Compensation Systems

CLASSIFY classification and compensation system enables you to perform a range of tasks including:

  • Ensure internal equity by evaluating all jobs in the organization or slotting non-benchmark jobs.
  • Perform market pricing by incorporating and analyzing market survey data.
  • Manage all facets of compensation, including Total Rewards and Salary Review, Grading Structures, Gender & Diversity Analysis.

Talent & Success Leadership

WORK21, SUCCESS21 and TALENT21 software and methodologies enable you to:

  • Focus business on core activities, distinguishing work critical to business success from non-core work.
  • Establish requirements for business success, ensuring the business is future-focused not stuck in past.
  • Align talent with success, identifying the capacity of each person to contribute to success and tracking their contribution to success.
  • Manage compensation based on the relevance of the work being performed.

Leadership & Career Coaching

Our coaching methodologies and tools enable you to:

  • Equip developing leaders to meet the demands of the 21st century.
  • Assist displaced workers to re-orient their careers, ensuring they receive practical career assistance and remaining employees feel displaced have been workers treated fairly.


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