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Hilary Hinchcliffe

Hilary is an energetic, capable strategic thinker, who seeks and enjoys a wide variety of spiritual, social, intellectual and practical challenges. Specific strengths include her ability to lead through analysis and synthesis of social and interpersonal trends, and to appreciate the "big picture", while operating effectively at a detailed level. She is a gifted presenter and facilitator, with strong listening skills and ability to establish rapport.

Hilary is a proven leader and counselor in a range of key ministries in the US and internationally, with extensive teaching experience, from elementary school through high school to adult students, across a wide variety of subject areas. She has dealt effectively with broad range of students including intellectually gifted, intellectually challenged, and adults with limited educational background, and has practical business and sales experience through running small business, coupled with MBA studies.

Hilary holds a degree in theology from Melbourne College of Divinity, Melbourne, Australia, and an MBA in General Management, from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, one of the top forty business schools in the world. Combing these interests she developed a website to stimulate discussion of link between business, spirituality and prophecy. In addition, she is proficient in French, German and Spanish, holding a BA and a Diploma of Education.

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