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1stForward Network

Kurru, LLC is a member of the 1stForward Network a global alliance of like-minded consultancies, which are led by their founders, and hold a common interest in helping transform businesses to meet the demands of the 21st century. In addition to their unique areas of expertise, all alliance partners are accredited to market, deliver and support the CLASSIFY, AGRADE, WORK21 and TALENT21 software and methodologies, developed and owned by Reward Technologies. Current 1stForward Network members:

Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia

Reward Technologies (based in Sydney, Australia) developed CLASSIFY, AGRADE, WORK21 and TALENT21, and has been supporting client companies in Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia with these technologies and processes since 1985.


Southern Africa

Cebano Consultants (based in Cape Town, South Africa) has a consulting practice which covers the Southern African region. Cebano has a conceptual approach to tailoring superannuation (401k) and other benefits to individual employee needs.



Haarmann Hemmelrath (based in Beijing, China), offering a broad range of HR services including compensation & benefits consulting to companies in China, was judged China HR Consultancy of the Year (1998) by prestigious Asia Law & Practice/China Staff survey.
email: Nandani_Lynton@haarmannhemmelrath.com



Time Management International (TMI) Thailand (based in Bangkok, Thailand) has established a strong reputation as a training and HR generalist consultancy, since its founding 20 years ago.
email: asavagrp@samart.co.th



Omni-View Consultancy (based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) specializes in HR strategy and markets the Omni-View performance management system, having a particular focus on the Kuala Lumpur high-tech corridor (Cyber Jaya).

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