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Our Name

The name "Kurru" derives from the language of the Walpiri people, an Australian aboriginal tribe. "Kurru" has connotations of "creative", "spirit" and "future", and reminds us that unlocking creativity is one of the keys to prospering in the 21st century.

Our Company

Kurru, LLC was formed to help business succeed in the new economy, through the use of unique technologies, tools and processes for rewarding employees and unlocking their creativity. Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Kurru is a member of the 1st Forward Network, and is accredited to market and deliver the CLASSIFY, AGRADE and WORK21 technologies and methodologies.

Our Alliances

Kurru is affiliated with two alliances, which extend its ability to provide a comprehensive range of services. These alliances are:

Reward Consulting Alliance is a regional network that provides service across the US and Canada through a network of seasoned, independent consultants with complementary practice areas, disciplines, competencies, and values.

1stForward Network is a global alliance of like-minded consultancies, which are led by their founders, and hold a common interest in helping transform businesses to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Our People

The Kurru team is composed of people with a diverse array of expertise and interests. Team members include:

Brian Hinchcliffe, CEO & Principal Consultant

Hilary Hinchcliffe, Senior Consultant

Anthony Cox, Senior Consultant

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